Vinyl Plank

Bliss and Armstrong vinyl plank have put a great selection of vinyl that has the features of the real look and feel.

Inspired by the feng shui that we love to share and also receive, the Good Vibrations Collection brings positive energies into your home. Harmony and unity allow you to become one with yourself and also make it possible to share special moments with family and friends that will last a lifetime! We all could use a little more serenity and tranquility in our homes to enjoy life without the stresses and worries on the outside. So sit back and let the Good Vibrations Collection fill you with happiness and joy.

12" x 24" x .1259"
Contains 23.20 sq. ft.
$78.00 Per Carton

Residential: 15 Years
Light Commercial: 5 Years
(Structural Integrity & Wear)

The Lifestyles Collection presents a wide range of affordable options well suited for a variety of environments. From the richness and warmth of mahogany to the light and airy acacia woods, there is an elegant but traditional color palette. Everyone has a different story, whether it is fast-paced in a large city or easy living in a small town, this collection offers something for everyone.

6" x 48" x .0787"
Contains 35.9 sq. ft.
$93.00 Per Carton



                              Residential: 7 Years
Light Commercial: 5 Years
(Structural Integrity & Wear)


The Avenues Collection is reminiscent of the busy thoroughfares for which they are named, each representing where beauty and function blend together. This collection offers a variety of styles that range from traditional to contemporary ... and everything in between. Stroll down one of these popular avenues and you’ll see why each style in the Avenues Collection is so unique!


 6" x 37" x .118" Contains 25.5 sq. ft. 

$59.00 Per Carton




Warranty                                                                 Residential: 15 Years Light Commercial: 5 Years (Structural Integrity & Wear)al Integrity & Wear)

Dynamic vistas around the world inspired the Picturesque Collection. Cairo and its ancient temples, Bali and Tahiti with their crystal clear waters and Morocco with its desert landscape. These exotic destinations imprint a lasting picture in our minds and souls forever. The Picturesque Collection transports you there in style.

6" x 49" x .118"
Contains 33.6 sq. ft.
$112.00 Per Carton


Residential: Lifetime
Commercial: 10 Years
(Structural Integrity & Wear)

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